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As usual, insomnia.

So I figured I'd delve into my WoW screencaps folder and share.

For those that don't know, I do play WoW. I play in an RP server. Which makes me twice the nerd.

Meet Iosephus, Blood Elf Paladin, in some of his more memorable moments.


Old Skool. Probably wasn't bigger than what, 24 or so? Remember the good old days, Beth? XD


I wreck sheet. I miss my Retardin days sometimes.


Someone didn't think I could take a bunch of low level Troggs. I lol'd.


Even with the settings as low as they could go, this was a gorgeous shot. Taken not long after Iosephus' friend Somura took a swandive into an endless abyss.


This had nothing to do with RP, but those in the know will look closely and realize why I took this screenshot.


OH NOES I HAVE ROACHES (<3 Iza, Cel, Kes, any of you remember THIS magnificent pull?)


Iosephus and new friend Izaji go on an adventure to parts unknown which involved wall climbing and fatal drops (lolbubble). A shitton of weirdness ensues, and so does this magnificent photo op.


Iosephus and Célie venture into the Dread Citadel Naxxramas for some AU RP. We get the big idea to 2-man some trash (lololol) and proceed to single out the only mob that won't bring a crapton of friends to eat our face, and as it turned out it didn't matter because the sum'bitch regenerates anyway DX. But that's not why I took that screenshot :B


The result of someone saying: "We're gonna go kill a world dragon. You in?" and me grabbing my RP gear. I'm such a bad raider. Just look at my raid UI.


I took this screenshot, post-Lethon, and while standing there the following entered my mind (Iza, Cel and Kes, you'll most likely know what this refers to):

They celebrate. They celebrate and I don't care.

It's a magnificent victory, I won't deny it. But a part of me wishes for... for something. Something, and I don't know what it is.

This place... I hear they call it Twilight Grove. It meant something to me once. I'm not sure how. I'm not sure why I don't feel this sensation outside this grove. The portal at the end of the grove catches my eye suddenly and I go to it as if drawn.

And I wonder, why does nobody else notice? Or do they even care? Are they too busy rejoicing over the destruction of a being that once was noble and good, splitting amongst themselves the spoils of war?

I realize, after posing the question to myself, that again, I simply don't care.

Something within the portal seems to call to me- oh fel, it calls to my very soul and its siren song is exquisitely painful.

But something else prevents me from entering. I feel this longing- this excruciating longing like a piece of me is missing and I could get it back if only I step through...

But I can't.

The portal is closed to the likes of me.

I know when that I leave this grove the horrible sensation being here brings me will fade away.

I feel it in my bones.

It isn't time yet. But someday.


My soul will sing again.


This is a triumph.

Karazhan fully cleared.

Oh yeah.

And now I shall reveal to all of you the greatest secret hidden within the depths of Karazhan.



That is all.
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